Jan 4, 2017

T25 - PATB meet REGENESYS @ Ratchadamri

Quick and fun impromptu planting action yesterday with Bernard and Mangala, tree lovers and founders of Regenesys Project in France (Facebook link).

Bernard Regenesys
Bernard, the tree and I ready for action!

Didn't have a tree available, so I stopped @ Thewet Flower market and picked up a nice tall sapling for only 50 Bahts! Ylang-Ylang has flowers with a powerful scent and is used for aromatherapy and making perfume. Find more info here: Cananga odorata กระดังงาไทย

Hard dirt cannot stop Bernard! 

Conditions are never ideal on sidewalks: here the soil was very poor and compact, like often, and hard to dig since we only had a spoon to do so!

determination overcomes obstacles
A Chinese Spoon is all you need!

But something happened that gives me good hope this tee will grow big and powerful: it was adopted!

We just happened to plant the tree near bus 25 terminal. When the driver saw us, he spontaneously came over and watered the tree! A few minutes later, I was chatting with his assistant (uncle on the picture), who said he will water the tree! He then went back inside the bus and came back with a 5L water bottle and our tree was very well watered!

Tree adopted
Bus 25 driver comes and waters the tree! <3

I'm always very happily surprised at how positively people respond to our tree planting actions, sometimes come to chat with us or even adopt the tree!

Uncle Mangala Bernard Goustan
T24 planting team: Uncle, Mangala, Bernard, Goustan, Ylang-Ylang
Uncle has adopted the tree!

Mangala made a really cool video on Facebook

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