Feb 21, 2010

Flagship Vs. Ownership

Went today to plant a flag next to T7.

When I planted the tree with my wife yesterday, some neighbor expressed very dubious feeling when seeing us in action : doubt to the point of contained agressivity. Planting a (tiny) tree in a street, not even ours, is obviously very suspicious to her. I don't blame her : how often have I felt the same thick layer of incomprehension from my co-citizens, back home ? Ignorance is a plague, everywhere it strikes.

Anyways, I felt that I should better flag the sapling.

ทรงพระเจริญ - Long Live the King !

Flagship Vs. Ownership

This flag is obviously not a token of ownership, because that tree is out there like any other tree, for everybody to enjoy, and nobody to own. Who could claim legal ownership of this little guy ? I don't own that tree, nobody does.

It's a street tree, subject to its fate, and anybody might at any moment step on it or cut it down. When it'll reach a decent size, everybody will enjoy the shade, the beauty and the cleaner air it provides. Neighbors surely will plant signs and nails to advertise on it, maintenance teams will chop its branches off, lovers might carve its bark, etc... So be it...

But now that it's so very tiny and puny, this flag will ascertain that somebody takes care of the tree. I gives passersby a hint that this sapling should not be messed with as it is not abandoned to its fate. That will provide it a bit more protection, I hope.

Flagship for understanding

Because that flag's message is a blessing intended for His Majesty, that flag should also send a clear sign to the few doubtful neighbors or passersby : that tree has been planted here in respect with His Majesty's general recommendations to the Thais to take care of their environment. The King relentlessly repeats how important for the future it is to plant trees, so seeing this flag associated with a sapling will be instantly understood by any Thai : this tree will help improve your world.

It is at least the highest hope I have when planting this tree : it will help improve the world.

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