Mar 22, 2010

One week under the 'red shirts' menace

This blog has absolutely no purpose of dealing with anything political, and I wouldn't even mention the so-called 'red shirts', if they were not protesting in the area where some of my trees are. 
So, this article will not debate on whether the 'red shirts' do constitute a menace to the Thai society, or to the Thai government ; but since having so many people camping around, the 'red shirts' surely do constitute a menace to such small trees as mine.

Will my trees make it ?

The Police has set a barrage on Thanon Phitsanulok, just behind T8

 During the protest, I will have to go through checkpoints to water T1

Sunday March 14th, 2010 - lunch time, the 'red shirts' arrived on site

T1 is located a bit off the main protesting area, where many 'red shirts' rest at night and between actions. It's a bit intimidating, but they are just like most Thai people, very nice. I've been offered to share some food several times during the week.

I had set that mobile fence that is usually nearby close to T1, hoping it would help to protect it. People have obviously found other uses for it !

 Monday March 15th - morning, laundry time

- 'Please, beware of the tree, do not kill it with detergent'
- 'I did nothing, it's ok'
Well, how come the soil around my tree is soaked wet and bubbling with foam then ? I still watered the tree. She scared me, but so far, so good.

We see in the background a pick-up convoy, ready to go

 Tuesday March 16th - lunch time, very hot weather

I shouldn't water when it's so hot, as it's dangerous to the tree. Just couldn't resist checking on T1 after the 'laundry incident' though.

Thursday, March 18th -  the 'red shirts' took position for good

Tents have been set pretty much everywhere in the neighborhood, the 'red shirts' are here for good.

 Monday, March 22nd - late morning, laundry done and drying

I've been away for a few days, but today T1 was still doing ok.

These guys were perplexed when I told them T1 would provide shadow in a few years, so that they could come back to protest some more.

 A bit 'trashy', but so far, so good !

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