Mar 8, 2010

Giant from Over the Magical Beanstalks

Recent events probed me to give some news of my little proteges,  and its been 3 months already since the project began. I postponed, but this morning's surprise forces me to post tonight. I'll give news of the trees by planting order.

T1 - Growing happily as usual

Has almost doubled its size to 60cm+

T2 - Was barbecued last week
Not sure exactly that it really was a barbecue, but lots of people stay here all the time, and I can't find a more appropriate hypothesis so far.

What killed the tree, leaving this brown mark ? Weedkiller or portable barbecue ?

T6 - Replaced by a giant from over the beanstalks !
T6 had been growing steadily and quietly up until now, having survived and recovered from drying off once. But when I went for my watering tour this morning, instead of T6 I found this !

I thought for a few seconds I was daydreaming, until I noticed saw dust on the sidewalk, bruised weeds and freshly dug soil. No doubt left, this baby was planted this very morning, just before my round.

I'd be very honored to congratulate the generous benefactor who climbed on the beanstalks overnight, brought back and planted this tree here. Please, make yourself known here !

So well, I'll count my tree as lost in the planting stats, but I'll count this new as a 'Bonus Tree'. After all, it might have been planted here as a consequence following my stubborn appearances at this street corner, fully geared up with my planting or watering equipment ! To be continued . . .

I'll build up a budget, to plant trees this size some time soon !

This kind of staking is good as it doesn't harm the trees. I wonder whether T6 is still under there somewhere ?

This 'giant' is going to face severe cutbacks, as its branches are just below the wires overhead.

T7 - Brushed to death ?
Ok, I'll agree that I made a mess when I planted T7, about 2 weeks ago... Now, we do have a very energetic street cleaner at large on that street, and even though I added extra protection to each side of the tree, I guess it was really too tiny to take it.
Original planting mess
Now, there's still good news about this little guy. One, I regularly noticed that when I went there, somebody had already watered it ! Nice :)
The second good news, is that at the same time I saw T7 dying off, I was witnessing the germination of local seeds. I just made sure they were watered and protected too, as I hope they will replace T7 and grow to become beautiful big trees... I'm not yet sure 100% of its genus, but I suspect it is a nice flowering tree.

Anyways, definitely another 'Lost tree', replaced by a 'Bonus Tree'.

T7 withering, while some other seeds grow

T7 died, while another tree will hopefully replace it

T8 - Expecting trouble
If T8 doesn't stress out after what happened to his ex-neighbor, T6, this morning, I do expect some serious troubles for it. One, it's tiny and still fragile as it hasn't fully recovered from drying out on my balcony. Then, it might be replaced by another 'official tree' any time soon ! All for the best anyways !

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