Jan 16, 2010

Survival at stake

Everything has been going on fine for the trees, especially early this year when it's been raining several times here.

But  a bitter surprise was awaiting me yesterday, while  I went on my watering round, as T3 and T4 plots have been 'weeded' out by the maintenance team, including my little beloved trees...

Maintenance on T4 plot and T3 in the back ; both trees gone missing

The good news is that T1 and T2 are intact, growing happily and steadily. I guess they were saved because of the stakes I stuck in the ground next to them. This way, they look like somebody is taking care of them, and the maintenance people didn't dare touch anything near them.

T2 and T1 (in the back) hiding in the bush, sticking to their stakes for survival

T1 showing off its new leaves for the picture (T2 in the back)

The thing is, I guess the maintenance guys expects somebody to take care of the trees and their square plots. Since I do assume paternity on the trees, this would mean I will also have to do some maintenance around the areas I claim... Unexpected task, but why not ? After all, this whole experience is about gardening the city, isn't it ? That should sure make me a proud guerrilla gardener .

T1 real proud of his daddy after I cleared the place around today (T2 in the back hopes secretly his turn will come soon)

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