Mar 22, 2017

2017, We're growing Vertical!

After a quiet year in 2016 following family troubles, Plant A Tree Bangkok is back with new energy, and needs you more than ever!

Since I don't have a place and a regular lifestyle to grow trees, I have none ready for the coming raining season. So, we're going to proceed a little differently this year: I would like all of you to grow trees directly at home! If each and everyone of us grows 2-3 trees, we'll have enough to plant a Forest!

It's easy because we're going to use very hardy trees, for a very specific purpose: plant a vertical forest, Guerrilla Style as usual, in one of Bangkok's abandoned towers! These trees (Ficuses of all kind) can be found readily in Bangkok streets, we'll take them there.

I will show you how to grow them, and tell you more about this year's plan during this first meetup (Facebook Link). Comment below if you don't have a FB account and would like to be informed ;)

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