May 25, 2016

Tree planting activity --> get kids involved

After a long interruption for personal reasons, Plant A Tree Bangkok comes back stronger than ever!

. we have seeds
. we have a nursery space
. we are experienced, connected to people who also want to plant trees, and are more determined than ever!

Now that we have plenty of seeds to plant, pictures and experience to share, I would love to get kids involved. What a great learning experience for them: plant seeds, touch soil, learn about how Nature works, watch a tree grow, plant it and watch it grow big!

--> Now looking for schools/teachers who would like to have a tree planting activity in their class, it's the perfect time of the year to get started!

Kids just love it!

Send me the word ;)

Some of the seeds we have

Kids just love it! 

Moms too^^ 

So eager to learn and practice!

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