Aug 8, 2015

Plant Trees, Ride Bikes @ Chula - August 16th, 2015

This is a special event being hosted by our member Goustan Bodin. We propose to meet in the garden of Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration. We have spotted a large area that definitely need greenery just behind there! So well, there won't be much riding from the meetup point, we count on you to ride before and after! 

We have been sponsored 30 teak seedlings by the Royal Forestry Department, about half of them in poor condition... Bring more trees if you can, even tiny ones, or any plant you'd like to see in the streets! 

Our goal is a greener city, therefore we leave our cars and motorbikes at home (unless they are packed with green stuff), ride our bikes and plant trees for one morning. Last year editions have been great fun, and you are very welcome to bring your kids! Your planting instructor, Ek, is now 5 years old, and will show you everything there is to know about it! 

If you fear the heat, bring an umbrella!

Afterwards we can enjoy lunch with a great group of happy people.

About bikes :

You can ride BTS with your bike (if not peak hour !)

For anyone who doesn't have a bike, it's hard to rent one near venue, but it's possible to hire from punpun bike share.

If, like me, you haven't used punpun before :

The stations are often unattended so it's good if you have your card topped up before Saturday morning. There's info on the bike share programme & a map of all the stations here:
Map :

Holly, thank you so much for the bike info ! ♥

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