Apr 22, 2015

How to grow seeds in a plate

No pots, no soil available, and these seeds I want to plant! What can I do?

When this happens, don't lose your cool, even when a heat wave threatens to boils your brains out: grab a container, even just a plate, and some tissue! Lay the tissue, then the seeds. Fold the tissue layer only once over the seeds. Water lightly.

You're all set!
Just keep it moist, magic will happen soon!

Great simple activity to do with your kids: they love to watch seeds sprout and grow and time after time change into a tree!

When it's as hot as it is now in Bangkok, you may want to soak up your system morning and night, to make sure it will stay moist as long as possible.

Spread seeds evenly, keep moist, love unconditionally :)

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