Oct 27, 2014

T20 Plant a tree to make a statement

It had been a long time I'd wanted to plant a tree there.

Since they are building the BTS nearby, lots of property development is happening in my area. So be it. But this particular operation here is quite nasty for a few reasons :
- the land owners decided to stop allowing a market that had long been there
- they evicted the sellers within 2 months, without relocation
- the sellers finally moved on the edge of the land, on land that was not stabilized, where they get flooded
- there is no sanitation whatsoever there, mosquitoes swarm the place
- the sellers can only wait until the final eviction

We don't need yet another condo in that overcrowded area : we need the market ! The sellers are being evicted like lousy dogs. The landowners purposely left the rubble from the market and other ruins they had failed to previously complete for *over a year*, to be sure the place is not re-invested. So that place actually slowly filled with trash for most of that time.

It's the municipality who finally provided a tent to 'shelter' whatever is left of the market : the landowners didn't.

So rather plant a tree there than letting anger build up inside me. I chose to plant the most respected tree in Thailand, because it harbours spirits, and is (wrongfully) believed the be the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. 
There is a superstition associated with that beautiful tree, so you should always respect it. There are usually offering nearby the Ficus religiosa we find here and there in town.

Anne-Laure was just too happy to go for some guerrilla gardening action ! 

There is plenty more space, we can plant a full fledged veggie garden or even an urban farm ! 

Planting tree smile ! :D

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