Oct 11, 2014

Ride bikes & plant trees @ Khao San Road

Thanks to my friends Alby and Mandy, we have organized another meetup dedicated to planting trees in Bangkok, Guerrilla style, while riding bicycles ! The greatest way to cure your hangover !

You can find more pictures and infos on this event here :
- FB group page
- Meetup event 
These pages will allow you to get in touch with us for the next events, don't forget to register to receive email alerts. Join the fun, share the love ! ^^

It was really fun, 10 adults + my son had the greatest time together fruiting up Bangkok ! We started late because of the rain, but water pouring down on us did not hinder our determination to green things up !

About 20 trees of all kinds were planted on that morning, around Khao San Road, including facing the FAO on Phra Athit Road. We've been photographed, helped and encouraged by several people and shop owners on our path. Several trees have found care givers ! :D

There is another meetup coming up soon, this time we'll meet at Ekamai. Bring your kids !

 Still wet, planting the first tree @ FAO, Phra Athit Road

 Papayas grow well on  the streets !

 An expert checking if things are being done properly

 Lots of people = lots of fun !

 Make way for young seedlings !

 We inspired some people, and almost got free noodles...

This lady left her street cart to help us :)

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