Jul 8, 2014

T19 - Plant flower trees for the military !

Yesterday, I planted a nice flower tree next to the military command gates. We all know that soldiers need flowers more than anyone, even the more so when they take over the Power and are super-busy cleaning corruption and chasing the corrupted. That is no mean feat in Thailand !

The largest tree I've planted so far

Tree : T019
Specie : Thevetia peruviana - รำเพย
Location : Thanon Sri Ayudthaya
Notes : Planting dedicated in honor to General Prayuth for the big clean-up on corruption ; planted opposite to military base gates

I was lucky to find a rather tall Thevetia peruviana (Yellow oleander) that was longing to be replanted where it could grow tall and be seen by all. Its beautiful yellow flowers are a perfect color match with the Thai Monarchy, that the army has sworn to protect (the constitution is currently up-held, except the article related to the Monarchy).

Yellow flowers for the Monarchy

I had noticed a very nicely located spot, just opposite from the main gate of the base where the corrupted and allegedly corrupted are kept for some time for investigation, and then released. The tree can thus be seen by anyone being driven away in their big mercedes, over their drivers shoulders. I wish flowers will help them lighten up their minds from their daily preoccupations  such as pondering on how to escape from a well-deserved punishment once again.

Perfect location - before planting

Can be seen by all who drive through the gate

 The precedent tree had died a long time ago, so the stump was rotten and i could pull it by hand effortlessly, just like rooting out bad practices, and then plant a lively healthy tree to grow over that dirty past.

Have the old rotten stumps make way to healthy growing beauty

กองบัญชาการกองพลที่ 1 รักษาพระองค์

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  1. My husband and I just came from Bangkok, and we loved their greenery. We want some for our home, by we don't know where to find them in the states. Also, we don't know if there is a special kind of tree service that the trees have to have. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

    Sarah W. - USA


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