Oct 26, 2013

T016 - Planting a tree next to a temple in a Bangkok street

Tree : T016
Specie : Sterculia foetida - สำโรง
Street : Thanon Phra Sumen 
Notes : Talked 10 minutes with a retired police officer on the virtues of trees and nature in general

After last post, Albert contacted me to do some guerilla tree planting together. He is quite an incredible guy : he came all the way here on his bicycle from  . . . Berlin ! It was a great honnor and pleasure to roam the streets around Khao San Road area with our bikes (mine has an engine) to find some right spots.

I had 2 Sterculia foetida left, T16 and T17

To my great great great shame, I post this only now, more than 6 months later...

Albert at work in Bangkok

 Digging compacted soil with a toy (I won't call that tiny spade a tool) is not easy. One often finds rocks, broken bricks, glass shards, etc... I totally forgot to warn Albert (I use gloves), and when digging, he almost instantly got a huge blister that burst inside his hand.

Attention to detail

There was some sort of a fair in the temple nearby (Wat Bavorn Niwet), most likely a funeral of someone important if I believe the colors of the cloth hanging on the wall, many neatly dressed people went in and out the temple. We have been quite popular, with students taking our pictures, an old lady clapping her hands at us, touts coming for a word or two, and a retired police officer chatting about how important it is to keep and plant more trees...

Watering after planting

Albert went back a few times to care for the tree, put more rocks around it to protect it, water it... Last time I passed in the street the tree was healthy and growing ! I'll publish pictures one day...

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