Dec 13, 2009

T003 - planting details

Couldn't resist planting another one when the heat decreased a bit today :)

 Before - Good spot : no wires directly above, and gets watered with the hedges. Another available spot behind next to the road :)

T003 in place

 Strangling fig attacking a neighboring tree


  1. By the way, if you use "Blogger in Draft" for writing the postings, you can add a location directly to the posting, which then can be automagically be placed on a map. This feature was introduced one year ago, and I use it for every posting which is directly related to a location, especially on my travel blog.

  2. Can't find it Andy, and it seems from the help section that this feature was disabled.

    Anyways, I found another solution which is to create my map in google maps, then copy-paste the HTML link to the blog in a simple text block (inserted through the regular 'layout' tab).

    The good thing is that when you update the google map, your blog will automatically update it.

    I find it more easy ! ;)


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  4. Dear Guay_lala,

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    I sent you an email, hope to meet you soon :D


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