Feb 20, 2010

T007 - Planting details

T007 planted this morning, and now it rains :) 
I will have to replace T005 that died while I was away...

Location :          Thanon Krung Kasem
Specie :          Pterocarpus macrocarpus - ประดู่
Size :                20 cm
Ref :              T007
Date :            Feb 20th, 2010
Observations :   Wires above ; survivor tree.

Planting spot before - looking west

T007 is of the survivors kind : almost dried while I was abroad, but grew anew after I kept watering it :)

Stakes to prevent 'accidental trampling' - watered just after taking the pic

looking east at how big it'll become


  1. La protection n'est peut-être pas suffisante pour éviter le piétinement? Ne faudrait-il pas de plus mettre une étiquette avec le nom du futur arbre?

  2. Translation of comment : The protection is perhaps not sufficient to prevent trampling ? Would it not be better to install a label with the name of the future tree?

    Answer : You are 100% right.
    - Better protection for the trees is vital, especially when planting on a sidewalk with heavy pedestrian traffic. If it looks good, it also looks more serious, and helps protect the tree.
    - Signalization is also one of the next steps that I will undertake : it will inform people of the nature of the PATBkk project, give some infos on the planted tree, and most important, ask for care and attention.

    Now, the PATBkk project is still at an experimental stage, with a (close to) zero budget, so I deal with what I can lay my hands on. I have already tried signaling the trees, with flags or stickers, but they have been removed by the street cleaners. These measures will really be efficient once I can plant bigger trees, that inspire more respect than the small saplings do, and where I can directly attach labels.

    Nothing is sure yet, but I plan to be looking for a place to install a tree nursery, ideally a school where children learn to plant tree seeds. I will also look for contributions, as money is the nerve of any project...
    That will probably have to wait until the end of the year though, when the project is a little bit more advanced, and I have some results showing.

    Note : If you can read English, would it please be possible to write further comments in English or Thai ?


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